Flexible Accountancy Services Delivered by a Recommended Team

Adams Moore offers financial services to businesses in Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Litchfield and Birmingham.

Management Accounts

Our quarterly or monthly management accounts preparation service ensures company owners are making informed decisions about their businesses based on actual accounting data and information on a range of important factors, which include balance sheets and cash flow. While many of our clients are in the Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield areas, our reach extends to Birmingham and the length and breadth of the country.

Forecasting and Planning

Cash flow projections, business plans and financial forecasts are important elements of successful business operations. Without these functions a business can quickly lose sight of goals, lack direction and miss potential opportunities. Researching and understanding the market, target audience and competition is all part of the effective forecasting and planning advice service that we offer. It is essential to carry out these activities whether you are starting a new business or are established.

Tax Planning

Another one of our accountancy services we offer is specialist advice on business, corporation and personal taxation. The area can be a minefield and with ever-changing legislation, it is wise to seek tax planning guidance from experts.

Management Reviews

We can review the various taxes your business pays to ensure you are paying the correct amount, and help with ways to save tax, such as moving onto the flat rate VAT scheme – as well as ensuring all returns are up to date. Our financial services include working with you and HMRC to resolve any matters or problems that are encountered. Also, as a highly recommended sole trader accountant in Tamworth, near Birmingham, we will do this and more, giving you the advice you need to ensure you are operating on the most effective business structure for you.

Audit Management

Recommended accountants based in Tamworth near Birmingham offering audit advice and other financial services.

With audit thresholds rising once again from January 2016, very few small companies will need to be audited. However, should you have an audit requirement, our financial services comprise a regulated audit company that can carry out this work for you. On any assignment of this nature we will work closely with you to minimise any disruption and should we find any areas for improvement within your accounts, our tax audit advice service will include how to improve matters with an end of audit management report. We also offer statutory and specialist audits.

Statutory Compliance

Bookkeeping is a vital business function but company owners can find this task a real burden, as well as incredibly time-consuming. Businesses in the start-up phase may not have the finances to fund the role of a staff member whose remit is to cover book keeping, and therefore it can fall to the owner to keep on top of. Our accountancy services include assistance when it’s needed on areas of tax compliance and all other aspects of business operations.

Xero Accounting Software

When you become a client of Adams Moore you will have the opportunity to access Xero online accountancy software, giving you better control of income and expenses. Securely log in from anywhere to undertake bookkeeping tasks, send invoices and monitor cash flow, and the app even ensures mileage is correctly tracked and logged. Our clients say it removes the burden of coming home to accountancy tasks, saves them time and eliminates a lot of hassle, especially as a business grows.