PR, Marketing & Advertising Accountants – Business Accounts Services for Agencies

Agencies looking for marketing, PR and advertising accountants can be secure in Adams Moore’s specialist knowledge.

The diversification of marketing tactics, proliferated by the internet and emergence of channels through which organisations can now target their audiences, means the marketing sector is thriving more than ever before.

Companies large and small in a whole host of sectors are view PR and marketing as an important part of business growth, and turn to agencies to assist with executing activities.

As specialist PR, marketing and advertising accountants, Adams Moore handles the business accounts for agencies in Birmingham. As is the case in many sectors, there can be differing corporate accounting requirements specific to that industry, and it is important to work with an accountant who understands those requirements.

In addition to the usual accountancy services for PR, marketing and advertising agencies such as forecasting and tax planning advice, bookkeeping, tax returns/end of year accounts, and payroll, Adams Moore can help with more specialist business accounts advice around issues such as:

  • Fast growth of a marketing agency
  • Helping to prepare when seeking additional funding for growth
  • Employee issues
  • Business plans

We look after the business accounts of marketing agencies in Birmingham and specialise in PR corporate accounting. In addition to the provision of the aforementioned services, Tamworth’s Adams Moore also offers a fixed-fee solution called Board Support, which provides additional support for business without the meter running on consultancy costs. The Board Support solution includes a variety of services such as the preparation of management accounts, budgets and forecasts, business health and systems check with recommendations, monthly business updates and quarterly strategic reviews – to name just a few.

Accountants are best placed to be utilised as business partners, helping with all aspects of business from start-up to growth, buying or selling a business and everything in between. Accountancy firms are underused as business advisers, but can be an invaluable resource on a wide range of areas such as employment law advice. Adams Moore can help with tax compliance and VAT advice, and help ensure marketing and PR agencies are aware of potential opportunities and wary of issues that could be detrimental to their business.

If you have been looking for a specialist PR, marketing and advertising accountants, call us on 01827 54944.