One Hour Initial Consultation – Free Accounting Advice for Prospective Clients

When choosing an accountant, either for the first time or perhaps you aren’t happy with your current service, it is important to have the utmost confidence in their services, approach and expertise. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation at our Tamworth offices to prospective clients; we want to answer any questions you may have about our business, our strategic methods and which services will provide cost-effective solutions to your company or personal accountants. We, of course, would like to find out more about you, your financial goals and medium to long term aims for your business.

We are based in Tamworth so visiting our offices is easy for those in Birmingham, south Staffordshire and north Warwickshire. However, geography isn’t the barrier is once was for service providers like Adams Moore, especially with the usage of cloud accounting software. Therefore, businesses located throughout the rest of the UK should not worry about our location - as we can conduct all ongoing business without the need to face to face meetings.

The free consultation at our office will last one hour, and we hope by the end of that time you will have a good feel for how we can help and that you happy to retain Adams Moore as your accountants and business advisers.

Adams Moore offers a free consultation for new clients in their offices or over the phone

Start-ups and individuals who are about to take their first steps into business ownership understandably require the most guidance, and it is in these situations where we relish the opportunity to help facilitate exciting visions and aspirations. If your idea is only in its infant stage, Adams Moore can advise where to start, including what to include in a business plan and which financing option would be best to make your dream into a reality.

Here are a few areas we aim to discuss with new business owners during one of our free accounting advice meetings:

> The type of business and the market it sits within

> The reasons behind you starting the business and your passions

> What the best business structure to start with is and will this suit longer term aims

> Employing people, payroll and other statutory requirements, such as pension contributions

> What the turnover forecast is and will VAT registration be required

> What type of bank account is required

> How the tax system works

> An overview on how much to save through the year for tax payments

> The economical services we can offer

> Xero online accountancy software and its resource saving benefits

> Our costs for individual services or a fixed fee package

This list is not prescriptive as we understand every individual and business has unique needs, so we are open to discussing any business financials during your consultation. In particular, if your business or sole trader venture is established, you may have some very specific queries, such as:

> How best to grow your company and its market share

> How to forecast and plan more accurately

> Purchasing or merging with another firm

> VAT efficiencies

> Handling payroll and employee benefits

> How philanthropic donations work

> Credit checking suppliers and customers

Regularly reading the Adams Moore articles gives business owners free advice on top of the financial consultation

We hope you will also be able to utilise the free accounting advice we frequently offer on our website, whether you are a client or not. Why not favourite the Adams Moore article homepage and come back from time to time to keep abreast of the latest news and our opinions that could help inform your business and accountancy decisions. Furthermore, our accounting resources area includes up to date budget summaries, online calculators, tax calendars and factsheets for you to reference whenever you need to.

We look forward to hearing from you to book your free, initial accountancy consultation for advice on your business financials – call us on 01827 54944 or complete the form at the top right-hand side of this page and we’ll get back to you.