Management Accounts – Monthly or Quarterly Preparation Service

Management accounts preparation is offered monthly or quarterly by Adams Moore in Tamworth, near Birmingham.

From balance sheets to cashflow, our management accounts preparation service helps company owners and directors make informed decisions about their businesses based on concrete accounting data and information. With accounts preparation – one of our most popular services with our clients in and around the Tamworth and Birmingham area – we offer both quarterly and monthly management accounts. Management accounts prepared each month are beneficial for those requiring a more comprehensive summary; if this accounting service is new to you and you’re unsure what frequency would be the most valuable and how to apply the data, call us and let’s start by discussing your needs and objectives, or read on.

Would My Business Benefit From Monthly Management Accounts?

Monthly management accounts can prove especially beneficial if you’re a company in the following position:

> Have multiple departments and budget lines

> Trade from several locations

> Have multiple suppliers

> Manage changing stock or trade costs

> Import and export stock

> Are looking to expand

> Require rounds of funding

> Are planning to move premises

> Want to sell your business

In this instance, not only can accounts preparation help a business ascertain viability, but it can also help prepare a business case for finance providers. Learning how to manage budgets through habitual account reviews will result in a company enhancing its chance of success in these areas.

In addition, accounts preparation can be advantageous to those businesses wishing to measure success against forecasts and budgets. For those companies with a number of sales outlets, management accounts can also help assess and manage individual channels.


Monthly management accounts reviews can help your business more efficient and profitable.


Does My Business Qualify for Management Accounts Preparation?

The simple answer is yes. Our accounts preparation service is designed to be entirely flexible, dependant on your needs and objectives. Whether you choose our quarterly or monthly management accounts service, we will help you to properly manage rolling budgets and accounts that benefits your bottom line – we don’t offer one-size-fits-all packages.

Management Accounts – What We Do

Understanding your company chart of accounts (COA) will make it easier for both you (our client) and the team at Adams Moore to interpret your income statement, and thus produce the most accurate monthly management accounts for your business. After this initial consultation of accounts preparation, we’ll use a template to include an income statement divided into a number of sections, for example:

> Revenue

> Price of goods/services sold

> Gross profit

> Selling/marketing expenses

Using specialist accounting software, each of these elements is calculated using data pulled from the COA. This is then representative of a given periodic month within the reporting template – the summation of your company’s monthly management accounts.


We are based in Tamworth – close to Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Birmingham.

While the majority of our clients are based across the East and West Midlands, we do assist companies further afield. If you are based in Shropshire or the Birmingham area, why not take advantage of our free, one-hour, new client consultation. Give us a call and arrange your appointment at our Tamworth office.



Using the latest accounting software, you can keep onto top of business accounts monthly.


Is it Compulsory to File Management Accounts?

Unlike financial accounts that require filing with Companies House, there is no legal obligation to produce management accounts in the same manner. However, with a firm grip on how to read and utilise the information in frequently prepared accounts, company owners will gain improved control over profits. Your business can benefit from more streamlined, everyday operations, particularly where monthly management accounts are concerned. Using up-to-date financial information covering crucial elements of the business, our accounts preparation service will help you identify any potential issues early, so you can deal with them effectively, efficiently and (most importantly) ahead of time – long before year end accounts are due or, worse, significantly in the red.


Like the majority of our services, our management accounts support is tailored to suit your business needs. To discuss your quarterly or monthly account preparation or any other of our accountancy services, please get in touch with the team and arrange a free consultation in our Tamworth office.