Credit Checks and Financial Assessment for Customers – Adams Moore’s Business Protect Service

Credit checks and a full financial assessment of key suppliers or customers may save your business from dealing with bad debtors.

Carrying out the right credit checks on your customers and key suppliers is of vital importance for the future success of your business, but for some it may seem like a costly and laborious process.

At Adams Moore we recognise this problem and the damaging effect of bad debts. That’s why we are one of the only accountancy firms in the Midlands offering its clients a financial assessment safeguarding service called Business Protect. With Business Protect, you can order a report on any company you choose, which will give you important information such as:-



  • Company Financial History
  • Company Credit Score
  • Company Credit Score History
  • Company Payment History
  • Details of any County Court Judgements or adverse credit history
  • Details on Directors

Why Choose our Business Protect Customer Credit Check Services?

  • Reduce financial risk when dealing with new suppliers
  • Make informed business decisions before authorising customer credit terms
  • Use our live data to monitor existing suppliers for early indicators of potential risk or reward
  • Cost effective service
  • Greatly reduce the chances of suffering bad debts
 Our supplier and customer credit check services includes unlimited reports and continuous monitoring of ten businesses.

You can obtain unlimited company reports, and can continually monitor up to 10 customers for changes to their credit worthiness. Interested?

Contact Tessa on 01827 54944 or use our contact form.