Starting a New Business – Business Start-Up Advice & Start-up Accounting

Our fixed fee advice for starting a new business has been used by people in Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and other areas of Birmingham.

Our Business Start Up advice service is for any new business venture, and is tailored to suit requirements. Adams Moore has found over the years that clients who are starting a business require more from accountancy services than simply compiling accounts at year end, and recognises that clients want regular contact where issues of the day can be dealt promptly and efficiently, whilst at the same time keeping costs under control.

Some people understandably don’t realise what is required from start-up accounting, whether they would be better operating as a sole trader or how to register a new business. Therefore, we work in partnership with a client and their business to discuss all elements of set-up and the financial obligations.

Adams Moore becomes part of the Finance Department and senior management team, and the fee is fixed so that clients are able to draw on all of the business experience and business contacts of Adams Moore.

Below highlights what you can expect from Adams Moore as part of the business start-up advice service, which will be delivered by a dedicated team.

1. Lets Meet and Discuss Starting a New Business
  • Critically appraise your business opportunity
  • Analytically review your business strategy
  • Agree on most suitable structure for your business. Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company
  • Discuss any business financing requirements
2. Set Up
  • Company Formation and secretarial issues
  • How to register a new business with HMRC. (PAYE, NI, VAT where applicable)
  • Advise on employment law, business contracts and funding requirements.
  • Develop your business plan (forecasts and budgets)
  • Establish a good working relationship with your bank
  • Explain a start-up’s accounting needs and develop a bookkeeping system, and training for staff
3. On Going
  • Payroll for the Directors
  • Assistance with first Vat Returns
  • Full and unlimited telephone support direct to your team
  • Access to our network of other professionals
4. Still On Track?
  • Interim Compliance Visit on site
  • Interim Strategic Meeting with AM Partner on site
  • Some of the issues to discuss are:- –  Discuss actual performance against planned performance –  Management Structures –  Business Expansion and Marketing –  Tax Planning –  IT Strategy
5. Annual Accounting and Business Advice
  • Statutory accounts finalised within 2 months of year end
  • Tax liability establish within 2 months of year end
  • All personal tax (including Self Assessment) completed
When starting a new business its key to get advice on company structure and understand how to register a new business.

The full Business Start Up package is on a fixed fee basis, please contact us for more information. Should you be confident on making decisions but require regular start-up accounting services, you can read more about our accountancy services here.