Adams Moore as a Xero accountancy software provider helps Cocoonfxmedia save time and hassle

Cocoonfxmedia has found that Adams Moore and its provision of Xero accountancy software has saved it time and hassleThe introduction of Xero accountancy software by Adams Moore is proving a real success and garnering a lot of interest, as our clients want to know more about how Xero can help them in their business finance operations. One client that has recently made the switch from another provider to Xero accountancy software is already starting to see the many benefits.

Cocoonfxmedia overcomes ‘pain points’ with Xero accountancy software

Cocoonfxmedia, a provider of multi-media marketing solutions, became aware that Adams Moore was a Xero accountancy software provider and decided to switch to the service, sold on the features and benefits it holds. For Cocoonfxmedia, there were some pain points in its financial functions that were taking up valuable time, which became the catalyst for trying the new system. James Blackman of Cocoonfxmedia explains: “As our business has grown, of course our financial functions and duties have increased and the accountancy software we were using, which was once adequate, wasn’t enabling us to automate or easily execute some key tasks – which in turn was costing us more time and hassle to do.”

Invoice automation and bank account feeds with Xero accountancy software

“We have many clients for whom we work with month in, month out, so creating a new invoice for each month isn’t a smart way of working, but the software we were using meant that’s exactly what we had to do. With Xero, recurring invoices can be generated at the click of a button. It’s saved us so much time and is hassle-free,” adds James.

The firm also enjoys the capability of adding bank accounts as a feed directly into Xero – thus enabling the monitoring and management of bank accounts in real time and in the context of business finance management. This also facilitates bank reconciliation.

Xero accountancy software makes child’s play of expenses logging

Cocoonfxmedia has been making the most of the easy expenses logging functionality of the software. “Receipts can be scanned on a smartphone and attached to expenses claims with ease, creating an instant log and making life much easier when it comes to year end accounting,” says James.

It’s not just receipts that can be logged: there is an app available that can track business mileage via GPS for ease and accuracy when making and tracking mileage expenses claims – all good news for end of year accounts.

Talking of year end accounts, one of the real benefits of Xero accountancy software is the fact that the accountant can log into the back end of the system and download the invoices and expenses when creating the accounts to file tax returns.

Making the switch to Xero accountancy software

James is keen to convey just how easy it was to switch to Xero. “I had visions of it being a real headache switching all the data and info across from one accountancy software system to another, but it couldn’t have been easier. Information can be quickly imported to Xero, which allows transfer of information from systems such as Sage and Quickbooks.

“For us, saving time and increasing functionality and smart features is important and we couldn’t be happier following the switch. We can easily execute financial functions whilst monitoring cash flow – vital for business forecasting and planning,” James concluded.

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