Xero hassle with Xero accountancy software

Xero cloud based accountancy software offers a wide range of hassle free featuresTechnology is all around us, making our lives easier every day. However, small businesses are probably not making the most of technology that could make running a business easier and more efficient for them.

One of these missed opportunities is accountancy software. There are many systems available on the market, but choosing one that is hassle free to set up or switch to, and that can handle all business financial functions easily and effectively, is important. This is why at Adams Moore we are offering Xero – a feature-packed system offering an array of benefits. See our Q&A with Neil Lancaster below to find out more.

What is Xero accountancy software?

Xero is a business accounting software package that gives companies of all sizes an easy way to manage financial functions that if executed manually can be time-consuming. It has a variety of benefits over existing software currently available, being very intuitive, automated and cloud-based.

What kinds of features can I expect from Xero?

The ability to generate recurring invoices, without the need to draft a new invoice each time to a repeat customer or client, is a great feature. Xero offers the ability to amend certain details on the invoice if necessary, such as the change the date or amount, making invoicing easier and the process speedier. It also allows bank account information to be fed directly into the software, for easy reconciliation of bank accounts.

Managing expenses is a pain. How can Xero help make this easier?

Fiddling with receipts and struggling to keeping track of expenses is a pain-point for businesses. With the proliferation of smartphones, it is easy to simply scan receipts and instantly log them in Xero, negating the end of month chore of going through old receipts. The GPS capability (via an app) to track mileage for accurate expense claims is also a huge bonus.

I’m worried about security, does Xero keep my information safe?

The software is cloud-based, making access simple on any device so that financial functions can be carried wherever in the world you are. However, there is no need to worry about security; Xero requires fingerprint access on mobile devices, so the system is very secure.

I hate end of year accounting, how can Xero help make that easier?

Because all invoices, banking and expenses are logged into the system on a regular basis, all of the information required for end of year paperwork is in the system. Adams Moore can simply log into the back end of the system and access all the required information for the smooth fulfilment of tax return duties.

I’m a bit of a technophobe, is Xero difficult to navigate? 

One of the many plus points is the user-friendly dashboard which gives an instant status of everything from cash flow and banking to invoice status and expenses. It’s designed to be simple to use and navigate. In addition, switching from other systems couldn’t be simpler. Information can be pulled in from existing software packages with ease.

We’ve hopefully covered all you need to know about Xero, but anyone interested in finding out more can contact us on 01827 54944.