Accounting highlighted as concern for small businesses

New data from a survey on the concerns of small businesses today highlighted that tax and accounting was a real area of anxiety, with almost half saying this area was an issue for them and 23 per cent reporting they felt actually anxious about accounting matters.

Dealing with many small businesses at Adams Moore, we find that this area can be daunting for many and that there seems to be some kind of fear around book keeping practices and tax obligations. We can help all clients in this area with accounting software to help them keep track of expenses and incomings easily, and give guidance into the best and simplest ways to keep records  that fulfil our needs and the legal requirements of HMRC.

Quite often, we find that simply talking our clients through a process, providing software where needed and giving a structure to follow can lift a real weight from their shoulders, demystify the whole process for them and allowing them to gain peace of mind that they are meeting their legal obligations as per the requirements of HMRC and its Business Record Checks (BRC) programme.

No business owner wants to pay any more tax than they owe, so book keeping is important in enabling the provision of sufficient evidence of income and outgoings.

Any clients wanting more advice on this or details about how to access the free software can contact our offices.