Accountancy software Xero now offered at Adams Moore

Adams Moore accountants and business advisers can now offer clients use of Xero, a cloud based software for easy accountsAdams Moore is pleased to announce we are now offering Xero accountancy software – a cutting-edge system offering a cloud-based user-friendly way of managing financial functions for businesses of all sizes.

Whether a business is a new start-up or established organisation, getting the right accountancy software in place can make a world of difference to the time spent on financial functions and the ongoing financial health of the business, including the key aspect of cash flow.

There are many types of accountancy software available. In an ideal world, using one recommended by your accountant can make a world of difference to the smooth running of a variety of accountancy functions both within the organisation and those carried out by the accountant on behalf of the business.

What is Xero accountancy software?

Xero – now offered at Adams Moore – can facilitate a variety of functions to make life easier when carrying out tasks such as expenses logging, invoicing and bank reconciliation. Xero can be accessed from any device and the accountant can log in to the back end to download information for use in the compilation of end of year accounts.

Benefits of accountancy software

The Xero accountancy software takes the pain and frustration out of accounting. It has the capability to send invoices automatically on a recurring basis, send invoice reminders, reconcile bank accounts and link to bank accounts via a direct or third party feed into the software for easy monitoring.

Users can monitor cash flow, invoices, bank accounts and expenses all on one simple dashboard – with a fingerprint ID when logging in on devices to ensure maximum security. The system also links to Go Cardless and Paypal.

There is also an app that can be downloaded that offers a variety of features including a GPS tracker for mileage expenses monitoring and tracking.

Switching accountancy software providers

Users of existing accountancy software who may be reluctant to switch to a new provider for fear of hassle of having to switch all information manually to Xero can be assured that the process is made easier as Xero allows the easy transfer of information from systems including Sage and Quickbooks.

Cash flow is one of the most important aspects of a business – if this diminishes there can be profound effects on a business. Good accounting software ensures that all the of the functions that affect cash flow, such as invoicing and payments collected by the business, can be monitored effectively. In addition, accurate information available in real-time can help significantly with forecasting and planning – key for business growth and to plan, particularly for businesses who experience seasonal fluctuations.

To find out how Xero could help your business, get in touch now on 01827 54944.