Amazon survey shows networking is key for successful entrepreneurs

With news from a recent Amazon study, conducted among business decision makers across the UK, citing that a third of entrepreneurs associate entrepreneurship with collaboration, it seems networking is an important activity that many businesses still aren’t capitalising on.

Networking is a great way to make connections and meet people that can become ambassadors for your business, make synergistic partnerships for collaborative working in the future and share best practice and ideas with businesses of a similar size, level and stage.

So why do we seem to shy away from it? Is it the thought of walking into a room packed with business people who are all essentially strangers and the worry of breaking the ice and starting the conversation? It’s almost like walking into a playground on the first day of school without a friend on your arm.

All of the excuses come out when you speak to business owners who shy away from networking; they’re too busy, there aren’t any groups located conveniently for them, they’ve tried it and didn’t get anything from it. The truth is, with networking, what you get out is what you put in.

Social media provides a great forum to get started these days, even for the busiest of business owners. LinkedIn is a great place to start, and Twitter is an avenue that can allow you to interact with businesses and potential customers, using timely news and hashtags to make your way into conversations.

But face to face networking still very much has its place; many business relationships are built on chemistry. At Adams Moore, we are committed to networking to ensure we can offer the best service and added value to our clients, by creating partnerships with referral services such as IFAs, financial providers and even HR advice providers.

There are a variety of hints and tips to be found on the world wide web that can give some great advice when it comes to successful networking and making a debut foray into the networking world. If it works for the likes of Richard Branson, an avid participator and supporter of networking, it must be worth a shot. So go on, what are you waiting for?