Business start-ups soar

The news that the number of start-ups in the region has grown by 4 per cent on last year is fantastic news and a real improvement on the previous year where entrepreneurial spirit was nowhere near as high.

This is largely down to the improved economic climate and a real business confidence that seems to be everywhere of late. We are now the most entrepreneurial region outside of the capital, and that is a great development.

It’s worth noting that, in all stages of business set-up, from forming a business plan to accessing finance, the cost of professional advice can easily be outweighed by the true saving it will generate in both time, resource, mistakes being made (and then having to be rectified) and generally having an independent third party look at the plan to check all is sound and no opportunities are being missed, whilst pitfalls are being avoided.

In the early stages of the business it is understandable that owners are looking to keep costs down, but money spent here can be money well spent.

In cases where there is really no budget for professional help, business owners should look to resources such as advice schemes or even the world wide web, which these days is a real pool of information on a range of topics around start-up. Sites such as and the Federation of Small Business are great, and outlets such as and offer news, features from all sorts of organisations and case studies so you can learn from other businesses’ successes and mistakes.

Our resources centre is also offers a range of fact sheets on a plethora of business issues. So, what are you waiting for, a world of help is waiting for you!