Ensuring retention and growth of customers in 2016

One of the key goals for 2016 that most businesses will no doubt be aiming for is the attraction of new customers as well as the retention of existing ones. This is an on-going quest that most business owners strive for and takes planning, a dedicated approach and commitment on a continual basis.

Here are three fundamental pointers to follow that will provide a sound foundation for any customer retention and growth strategy.

Get the customer service offering right – customer service is one of the kingpins of business in a world of growing and fierce competition in many business sectors. Never has the phrase ‘customer is king’ been more pertinent. An increasing culture of reviewing services and products and giving feedback and opinion online through the plethora of social media channels and review sites, for all to see, can be a blessing or sometimes a curse for businesses. Quite often, it is the way a query, complaint or request is handled that forms the customer opinion, so getting a strong customer service strategy in place that all employees are on board with is crucial.

Maintaining loyalty – customer loyalty will be greatly affected by the points mentioned above relating to customer service, but takes the concept to the next level. Getting under the skin of what your customer wants and needs, meeting that requirement and conveying the message that you care about meeting those needs are that factors that will help foster loyalty and the all important brand advocacy. Try to implement some processes that will help in the gathering of data to ascertain customer habits and behaviours that will help you tailor an offering just for them. There are various software solutions to help do this, but for small businesses with fewer customers, the process can probably be manually executed.

Ensure brand values are communicated – whether existing or potential customers, it’s important for them to know what you stand for. Is it value, quality, luxury, excellent service, traditional, innovative, caring – the list could go on. Establishing key messages about the brand or offering and ensuring they are communicated in every way possible are key to positioning your offering. For instance, if you want to be seen as a caring brand that contributes to the community in which it operates, get involved in community initiatives by either instigating them or participating in existing efforts. For businesses operating locally, this can be a real attraction for potential customers.

By dedicating due consideration to some key areas such as those listed, any business can strengthen its position with its customers and attract new ones, to ensure the company thrives and grows throughout 2016 and beyond. Call us if you’d like help and advice about growing your business.