Free Accountant Advice Via Initial Consultation Offer at Adams Moore

When looking for an accountancy provider, those offering free accountant advice via an initial consultation are worth consideringSourcing an accountant, whether for a start-up or existing business, can seem like an easy task. A quick search on Google, find a nearby provider and book an appointment. Job done.

However, whilst it may appear that all accountants offer the same service: corporate or self-assessment end of year tax returns, VAT returns or payroll services, there are actually many more ways in which an accountant can help the business. Therefore, spending some time finding the right provider is really quite important – and looking for a firm that offers free accountant advice by way of an initial consultation at no charge is a good way to test the water.

An accountant should be seen as a business asset; there to help with choosing the right structure for a business start-up, advising on business plans and finance sources, and providing guidance on additional services, such as business protection, or accountancy software to automate onerous business accounting tasks.

At Adams Moore, many clients come to us looking to switch from their current accountant, whom they may not be happy with the service from, or don’t feel they’re getting the best from. Worryingly, a large majority of these types of clients have put up with sub-standard service for years, believing that’s what accountants provide, or through lack of knowledge of the way in which accountants should work and support the business. Some stay through misguided loyalty.

The best way to find another accountancy provider will always be word of mouth. We get many of our clients through referrals, and it’s the best way to get a feel for the service, through a recommendation. For those either looking for their first, or a new accountancy firm to work with, we offer free accountant advice in an initial, no obligation one-hour consultation.

Business owners sourcing an accountant should look for this kind of offer to ensure they find the best accountancy firm for them without racking up fees or choosing the wrong one on a whim. A lot can be covered in an hour and it is the most effective way of knowing if the firm is a good fit for the company – as the relationship between business owner and accountant is crucial to business success. Furthermore, understanding any additional services the accountancy firm offers that could benefit the business now or in the future will help business owners make a future-proof decision and ensure their provider can work with them successfully for years to come.

Anyone interested in Adams Moore’s free accountant advice via a one-hour initial consultation should call 01827 54944.