Girl power in the accountancy arena


Now, at Adams Moore we like to think we have gender equality at the top of our list, and anyone having visited our offices would be able to vouch for this as we’re a heavily female-dominated firm.

So, it was great to learn that it’s not just the case at our company; results from a recent survey conducted on more than 1,000 women in professional services on their experiences of discrimination and prejudice in the workplace showed accountancy is the best sector for working women in terms of the support they receive.

When asked to rate their employer on how well female staff are supported and retained, 94 per cent of female accountants felt their company was supportive of women – putting accountancy top of the tree.

Other sectors doing well are education, which is particularly positive toads working mothers and promoting a work/life balance, and law was also rather higher than average for support of working mothers.

Sectors lagging behind in the female support stakes were manufacturing – with just 11 per cent of those surveyed feeling positive about their employer’s ability to retain female talent – and advertising, marketing and media, which also didn’t fare too well with more than half (51 per cent reporting some kind of experience of prejudice). This industry was also low in support for working mothers as it was the industry where women were most likely to feel their career has been hindered by motherhood.

We think surveys like this are valid and useful in celebrating the sectors doing well and highlighting those which need to up their game. A balanced workforce when it comes to gender is a real asset to any company and one which every sector needs to recognise and support.