Good news for private member golf clubs who can claw back money from HMRC

A landmark ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has caused some major ramifications for private-member golf clubs who have been charging visiting members VAT on green fees. The ruling means these clubs can claim back VAT on green fees charged, going back four years and potentially resulting in thousands for some golf clubs; subject to HMRC accepting the ruling. Clubs who have to do there VAT returns on a partial exemption basis may need to revise their returns.

Getting this money back from HMRC will give many clubs the much-needed breathing space to try and attract new members as the economic recovery takes hold, and is being celebrated by many clubs.

HMRC will soon start to process claims, but due to an expected deluge, a centralised process is likely to be devised.

Adams Moore are happy to assist clubs submit refund claims where applicable with an agreed fee before work commences.