How to while away a day in the office

We all have our own ideas of office life and what it entails so it was great to read about a survey that has been carried out to find out exactly what UK office workers really do all day.

Well, it was no surprise to us that many of us spend the majority of our working day on our bottoms (but we really are working hard at the same time, honestly!) and a staggering 16 hours a week are spent in meetings – that’s 200 hours a year! Perhaps it’s time to assess those meetings on an absolute need basis – it certainly seems like a long time to spend discussing matters.

We all seem to be plagued with the same day to day issues and concerns; computer/technology glitches, client/customer ‘issues’, office politics and difficult colleagues (some of whom we may think aren’t working as hard as we are)!

An amusing outcome of this survey was the business phrases that we’ve come to know, love and probably overuse. If phrases such as ‘win-win’, ‘touch base’ and ‘no brainer’ ring a bell – you’re not alone! I think we can all say we’re guilty of using this kind of jargon at one time or another at work.

And of course, we can’t forget the piece of technology that made our lives a lot of easier, whilst at the same time, taking up so much of our working day; email. What did we do without it? Save 2.5 hours per day, if these survey results are anything to go by!

So taking all the above worried into consideration, not to mention the time spent commuting, taking time out to have a quick cuppa usually makes us all feel better, and apparently, tea still outweighs coffee drinking (surprising, given the coffee culture that seems to dominate in society).

We’re off to put the kettle on, which, if you ask us, is a bit of a no brainer providing a win-win situation for all involved….