Meeting increased client demand is less of a problem in a forward-thinking practice

A recent news report citing that six in ten accountants feel they won’t have the capacity to meet the growing client demand as a result of an improving economy sparked some thought here at Adams Moore. The fact that a growing economy might present a problem is one we don’t often consider and it made us think about how we continue to cater for a growing client base and clients with growing needs.

Of course, we all rejoice in an uplift in the economy but the issue of meeting extra demand when the recession may have caused some to scale down their operations is a real one to be considered. It is also an issue that must affect many industries, not just accounting. Construction, for instance, was a sector that suffered as a result of the recession, so as development picks up, some companies might find it difficult to scale up quickly enough to cope with the extra work. The cost of attracting and employing staff is always increasing and it can provide a barrier to fast growth – although it does not always need to.

We feel we have fared well in the face of this and believe our success in doing so has been down to the fact we work very closely with clients so we can ensure we are matching our resource to their needs. Being forward-thinking in our offering has also stood us in good stead. Fixed fee packages such as Board Support has enabled us to offer a structured approach to clients needing an extra level of support, and has made it easier to cope with increased demand and also offer clients a solution as they grow.  In addition, solutions such as Business Protect, which helps businesses safeguard themselves against risk, means we have continued to provide services that are in demand even during tough economic times.

Another recent news report stating that accountant start-ups are outstripping closures is good news for this industry and one that is a sure sign of economic growth everywhere. Whilst we recognise that not all sectors will find it easy to adapt quickly enough to meet a growing market, we also believe it’s a good problem to have! If you are thinking of starting your own business, then please contact us – our tailor-made Business Start package maybe just the service you are looking for.