New HMRC task forces for the Midlands

HMRC frequently launches task forces to target different sectors and markets to crack down on tax avoidance. HMRC has just launched two new tax task forces for the Midlands to target those dealing in used car sales, and those with offshore accounts as well as people HMRC believe are living beyond their means as declared on their tax return.

Our advice to you if you are contacted by a task force is to speak to your accountant immediately; this will lead to both a quick and effective conclusion by taking professional advice.

Also ask your accountant if they can offer an insurance policy to cover you against the cost of an enquiry. Some offer this but it has to be taken out pre-enquiry and not post-enquiry/letter being received. Like any insurance policy, there is the chance it may never be called upon, but can provide a safety net and peace of mind for those who need it.