Accountancy outsourcing can be the key for a more efficient business

Outsourcing admin, payroll and finance roles to a professional accountancy firm can be good for business efficiencyThere is a growing aspiration among businesses of all sizes to run a more efficient business – in all aspects of their operations – allowing more productivity as well as time for strategic thinking.

The increasing emergence of technology that facilitates this, as well as ways to outsource time-consuming tasks, means there are viable solutions available. But are business owners making the most of them?

Here, we’ve outlined three business areas that can be streamlined to create a more efficient business, leaving valuable time for business planning and growth.

Reducing the burden of business finance functions – whether for smaller businesses that might struggle to fund a dedicated finance director role, or larger ones that want additional support for their FDs, many forward thinking accountancy practices are now offering packages that give a higher level of support to businesses that need help and guidance with financial functions such as management accounts, forecasting and budgeting, compliance checks and strategic guidance. There is no need to struggle on alone or execute tasks that detract from business operations and planning, and whilst the cost of such services may be a barrier, the cost of not using them can be far higher in terms of time wasted or missed opportunities that can often be identified with third party support.

Embracing technology to automate admin tasks – invoicing, expenses filing and reconciling bank accounts can be mundane activities that sap valuable time. Investing in a good accountancy software package that can handle these tasks with ease is the best option. The better systems now will save even more time by generating recurring invoices, saving time on creating new ones each time for a regular customer. Gone are the days of submitting endless receipts, the latest packages have digital expense filing capabilities – and even offer GPS mileage tracking for accurate mileage expenses. Admin has never been so easy and efficient!

Outsourcing payroll for a more efficient business – payroll duties are something many businesses try to handle in house, but with the ever-emerging changes to legislation, staying on top of these to remain compliant with HMRC rules can be a minefield. Choose a decent accountancy practice with a strong payroll offering and enjoy flexible payment dates, security on payments and peace of mind of full compliance. The cost of outsourcing this important financial function is far outweighed by the benefits – as well as freeing up all-important time for other business tasks.

Many company owners get consumed with daily business tasks which makes them reactive rather than proactive, and can easily distract them from the important strategic business planning that will lead to growth. Considering outsourcing is without doubt the first step to creating a more efficient business.

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