Proud of our independence

There seems to be a growing trend for merging professional services to provide a one-stop-shop for businesses. We believe this can often work well, but there is also something to be said for retaining independence and specialism of area.

Accountancy practices need a wide network to cover the vast array of questions and solutions any business owner might need, which is one of the reasons why here at Adams Moore, we have close ties with a variety of professional service providers to be able to refer clients to should they have a need or a request for assistance in sourcing reputable providers.

We deal with:

  • IFAs to arrange pensions, help with NEST implementation and wealth management;
  • Funding partners to arrange anything from overdrafts and business loans to asset funding;
  • Solicitors to deal with any legal disputes and insurance brokers to provide competitive quotes;
  • HR advisors to deal with employment disputes, or to help manage employees.

Whilst we work to form these strategic alliances to help clients that need guidance in sourcing providers, and this offers further added value for our clients, we think it is equally important that these providers aren’t forced on clients.

A key objective that runs through our ethos is to remain independent. It is true that we trust our partners to give great service; we have worked hard to source and verify their services and would not recommend them if they were not suitable, but we also want our clients to have the freedom of choice. We can help them make an informed decision if necessary but ultimately the decision must lie with them.

We are proud of our independence and it is one of the reasons why we won’t be following the trend in tying our business in any way to any referral business we would make. We believe our strength lies in this independence.