Referral success down to customer service, communication and innovation

When looking back over our business progression and the growth we’ve experienced in recent years, we started to think about how many of our clients have been with us for many years, and how the majority of our new work comes through client referrals.

It’s a great feeling when you’ve been referred, which is testament to the service you’ve given to one company that has felt compelled to recommend you to another. This is the best way to drive new business and the most common sense way, since it involves keeping current customers happy so they recommend you – and thus your good service to them means they stay with you so it’s a retention tactic too.

In our experience, we’ve found that the fundamentals of keeping clients happy hasn’t really changed. Good customer service is a given – whether that be the manner in which they are greeted over the phone, the personal touch, or the way in which you deal with an problem or issue they have – there’s really no substitute for good customer service.

Another really important area we’ve found to business success and referrals is innovation. By constantly looking at what kinds of services businesses require in an ever-evolving economic climate, and developing an approach to suit, is not only extremely useful to them but shows you care about investing in creating services and approaches that meet their needs, thus, you care about their business. Our Board Support product, responding to businesses requiring a higher level  of support for a fixed fee, to negate the worry of a meter running, is one such example of how we’ve adapting our offering to suit the needs of many firms. Another would be Business Protect, a safeguarding service offering thorough checks when companies are looking to do business with new clients or suppliers – to ensure no costly mistakes are made.

And finally, communication – this is key. Keeping clients informed on latest developments that could affect their business and keeping them up to date on the services you offer and the work you are undertaking for them is incredibly important. Not only do we communicate with our clients regularly via phone and email, but we also have a regular client newsletter and populate social media channels – which is increasingly how people are communicating and engaging with one another.

All of the above has contributed to where we are today and we will continue to stay true to these values.