Report shows five of the UK’s billionaires trained as accountants

We’re just planning which mansions to buy and our fleet of sports and luxury cars, having just learned that there are five billionaires in the UK that trained as accountants – so surely there is hope for us yet?

Meanwhile, conversely, a news story about accountancy firm numbers in free fall almost suggests that operating a thriving accountancy firm is no mean feat these days, let alone a fast track to multi-millions. By some way of explanation, another report claimed that nearly half of accountant practices have no business plan! For a sector that advises businesses to have a strong business plan for growth, forecasting and financing, this seems a bizarre revelation.

Well we can assure you that here at Adams Moore, whilst we’re not yet billionaires (or millionaires!) we do have a business plan, and one that has seen us go from strength to strength alongside the clients we serve.

We have enjoyed helping many businesses in recent years, through turbulent times, and are pleased to say we’ve been able to adapt our offering along the way to meet the very different accountancy needs of today’s modern business. Whether it be Board Support to offer businesses that extra tier of help, on a fixed fee basis, or Business Protect to offer a safeguard from business risk, our visionary and evolutionary approach means we’re geared up for all types of scenarios faced by businesses in the current climate.

So whilst we can dream about those sports cars and mansions, we can be safe in the knowledge that we are helping our clients to dream about that too!