Accounting functions best left to the experts

We pride ourselves on the services we offer here at Adams Moore and also the innovative approach we provide to modern business needs. For example, the fixed fee packages we offer to suit businesses of a certain size who require a higher level of support, without the cost of hiring an FD, namely the Board Support service, is one such example of this approach. Another would be the Business Protect service we provide, alongside others.

But the staple accountancy services are also elements of our offering that remain core to the business and relevant to many of the companies we work with, large and small. One of these is payroll services. This function can negate a whole lot of downtime for businesses – and whilst we understand that small businesses trying to keep costs down might opt to execute this essential function themselves, it can actually be a false economy.

With changing legislation to contend with, alongside learning the processes or training someone else in them, actually executing the payroll duties and correcting any errors made, it can soon be apparent that cost savings are negated when trying to fulfil this duty in-house.

In our experience, businesses are better off outsourcing this function to experts who have the experience and know-how to do it efficiently, as well as keeping up to date with all new guidelines and rules to ensure no mistakes are made. Comparatively, the cost is negligible when factoring in the increased time it would take a non-expert to do this.

Anyone interested in finding out more about payroll service can contact our offices for full information and associated costs.