The growing importance of customer service and user experience

Customer service has always been an important factor for any business. It goes without saying that keeping customers happy is key in the quest to gain loyalty and keep customers coming back for more.

Everybody, at some point or another, has had a bad customer experience and this tends to stay with them – often becoming the catalyst to go elsewhere for the product or service. Businesses large and small can be affected by bad customer service.

We take customer service seriously as we understand the huge impact it has on a business. We have a charter which sets out our mission which all staff are aware of and adhere to – whether it’s the manner in which the telephone is answered, to the courtesy given to visiting clients or the way in which a request, query or concern is dealt with – the charter outlines our commitment to good service.

One of the most important aspects we feel is to always listen to the customer. They are the best barometer of the service you are providing. Even if feedback isn’t exactly what you might want to hear – its important to hear it! A company is often judged not by the mistakes they make, but how they deal with them, which is where they can redeem themselves. Customer service needs to be more than just box-ticking.

But customer service seems have gone beyond just good manners and service, as a growing factor now seems to also be, in addition, the user experience. Whilst many might see this term to apply largely to consumers and big brands, that need to win over the masses in a fiercely competitive arena, it’s as important in the business-to-business world too.

For many brands, user experience is enhanced with additional channels from which consumers can access further information, deals and advice – which can often be delivered via popular social media channels. Social media is also widely used in the B2B world, with many businesses using it to their advantage.

Whether it’s providing up-to-date information on the latest services and offering, updates on topical issues that can affect clients or news items that could be of interest – creating, sharing and delivering content is increasingly important in the modern age.

We established our social channels a few years ago now and commit to keeping clients and followers informed via these channels – as well as through regular e-newsletters. We have found providing a flow of communication to client invaluable in our business and a key part of the good service we aspire to.

We understand that for some small businesses, the prospect of setting up social channels and the duty to keep content flowing can be a daunting prospect. However, channels such as Twitter are ideal for sending out short updates and snippets, as well as sharing the content of others and capitalising on the networking capabilities. You may just find your next big client there!

Should you require business help and advice, from company financing to building excellent customer service into your policies, contact us for a free consultation on your goals.