Thinking of switching accountants or hiring?

Ensure you go with the right accountant for your business, whether starting out or establishedFor those starting out in business, hiring an accountant might be a consideration, and for those already in business, switching may be on the cards if the current provider isn’t meeting requirements or providing a service that’s up-to-scratch.

With start-ups, they may be tempted to use some of the vast array of free software and online accounting tools available in a world where technology is evolving all the time and solutions becoming smarter. These can be incredibly useful and great at helping a business owner keep track of expenses and income. However, as an on-going solution, they won’t provide the level of guidance, advice and experience that engaging the services of a professional will provide. Rather than see the cost of hiring accountancy services as an expense, it is more of an investment into the business as quite often, an accountant can bring insight to a business that can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

From tax return concerns and queries to what structure is best for the company to operate on, an accountant will provide their weight in gold in terms of value. Getting professional advice will negate mistakes that could be costly to the business, or prevent missing out on opportunities that could positively affect the company.

There may be established businesses out there that may be looking to sell up, or export goods or services internationally. These kinds of activities require a specialist knowledge and not only should business owners not tackle such moves alone, they should seek a provider with a track record in the specific service they require. Similarly, those looking to gain funding for business growth or a new venture can go into it with their eyes wide open and aware of the benefits and pitfalls of different types of funding, if they have the right accountancy advice.

The most important element in the business owner/accountant scenario is the relationship between the two. Accountants should be seen a business partners and owners should be more open to bringing the accountant in when needed to provide advice on a variety of business issues, something many are still reluctant to do, owing to concerns of the cost. The right guidance at the right time can really make the difference in business.

This is why forward-thinking innovative accountancy service providers have developed solutions to offer businesses a higher level of support in a package deal or fixed fee, to allow access to business advice round-the-clock, without the fear of an escalating bill.

In our case, Board Support fulfils this requirement, offering a variety of services such as budgets and forecasts, recommendations, regular compliance check meetings and preparation of management accounts – to name some of the services offered under the solution.

For businesses not quite at that level of need, we like to think we’re known for going the extra mile and are always at the end of the telephone for our clients. From business start-up advice through to how to protect a business from risk, our offering evolves with business demand and changes in economic climate to ensure we’re always providing a service that meets needs and offers true value.

So if you’re thinking of switching accountants or hiring, get in touch with Tessa on 01827 54944.