Why we love being accountants!

As accountants, we don’t always enjoy the best of reputations as we are often deemed boring or lacking in people skills. We actually think this view is quite outdated though and we really are a vibrant bunch at times – or, certainly at Adams Moore we believe we are.

We were heartened to read the responses from a recent survey carried out among accountants about what they love most about their job. Whilst the perception may be that we are a bunch of number-crunchers, there is much to celebrate about being an accountant and it was great to see that others in our profession agree.

One of the responses suggested that it was an easy job – we beg to differ and certainly when we’re immersed in self-assessment season we’d argue against this strongly. However, another point raised was that of the satisfaction and fulfilment gained from helping struggling businesses.

This is something that really struck a chord with us; over the last few years and through tempestuous economic times, we have worked with a number of businesses who may not have survived the crisis and come out the other side had it not been for us working through the issues to find solutions to help them through, thrive and prosper once more. Now there really is a sense of pride in that!

Our ‘quirky’ sense of humour was also cited – which I think we can agree with. So the next time you think about accountants and an image of a grey-suited, grey haired middle-aged man pops into your head (naming no names!) be assured that not only are we a friendly, approachable, caring and hardworking crew – but sometimes, we can have fun!