Xero – Business Accounting Software for your Online Bookkeeping

Xero business accounting software is cloud bookkeeping service at its best, provided by Adams Moore in Tamworth.

Bookkeeping and accounting tasks aren’t much fun, except for us accountants perhaps. Necessary tasks can take many small and medium business owners away from the important day to day running of the company, or it can often mean people have to work in the evening or before breakfast.

At Adams Moore we work really hard to make our clients’ lives more simple; therefore, when we trialled Xero cloud accounting software we were immediately sold on its efficiency and ease of use across a huge number of features.


We decided to give all of our clients the opportunity to make use of Xero and let it take some of the strain, plus we often get preferential rates that we can pass on to you.


What Can Xero Cloud Bookkeeping Software Help You Do? 

> Make compiling end of year paperwork a thing of the past, as we can log in and download all the information needed to complete your accounts and tax returns

> Create customised quotes or estimates and email them to customers, plus check if online quotes have been viewed so you can follow up

Xero accounting software for businesses can create quotes and turn them to invoices

> Turn quotes into professional looking invoices comprising a pay now button with a click and email them to customers

> Accept payments via PayPal or credit card, and manage multiple currencies

> Connect to multiple business bank accounts and credit cards, and reconcile payments with a click

> Create customer contacts, supplier profiles, services or products to utilise again and save on time consuming jobs

> Produce copy quotes or invoices, as well as recurring invoices and purchase orders to make similar activities speedy

Adams Moore is a provider of Xero cloud business software that creates invoices

> Upload additional files to the accountancy software and email to customers, for example, drawings, specifications or presentations

> Link inventory to the purchase order and bill features to accurately monitor stock

> Manage fixed business assets, their depreciation and disposal or sale

> Raise purchase orders and pay invoices at the most beneficial time for adept cash flow

Xero makes bookkeeping, bill tracking and payments simple and as it's cloud software it can be accessed anywhere

> Track VAT and assign purchases from overseas to the correct rate

> Upload expenses with a photo of the receipt, choosing a business bank account it was purchased from or request reimbursement claim

Xero online bookkeeping software makes expenses easy and accurate. Upload receipts and forget paper trails.

> Trace mileage with a GPS tracking app for accurate expense claims

> Search the business history for any aspect you need to revisit

> Do all of the above on a smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop – you just need an internet connection

The beauty of Xero lies within its flexibility, especially for those businesses that require the owner and employees to be out and about, always moving from one job to the next, perhaps with stop offs for supplies.

From boiler repair to social care, shopkeeper to chimney sweeper, what’s not to like about ticking off accounting related tasks on your to do list as you go through the day? Keeping on top of your business and its finances has never been easier thanks to online accounting software.

The advantages don’t stop with accountancy either, you can create smartlists based on customer behaviour or invoice amounts and send targeted email marketing campaigns. Customise the dashboard so you can drive your company based on data, track certain areas of the business and proactively follow up on potential new business. You can even manage payroll and workplace pensions, and integrate emails to connect communication and business activity, turning it into a vehicle for CRM.

So while Xero is an ultra-secure online accountancy tool, you can see it’s much more.

Make life more simple with online accountancy software and make more time for the day today

A Collaboration Tool

You, personnel, freelance staff and Adams Moore can all access your account details anytime, anywhere, and all at the same time if needed. You manage who accesses what – Sarah can create quotes and customer invoices, John has access to purchase orders and bills to pay, while Tom approves these, and all members of staff can input their expenses with an image of the receipt. At the end of the year we’ll log on and handle your tax return from there. Simple.

An Accountant In Your Pocket

Being in a profession where you can be on the move all day can be difficult, making ‘office time’ sought after. When you can submit a lunch expense before you’ve left the shop, send a quote to a customer before you’ve left the premises or check live inventory and raise a purchase order while you’re waiting to collect your children from a club, carving out an hour at your desktop could be a thing of the past.

A Cash Flow Champion

Xero can’t promise to make your customers pay on time or stop a bill landing at your feet, but it does line up all your ducks in a row… and very gently nudge them in the direction of the pond. Create and email an invoice to a customer minutes after the job is complete and the pay now button allows them to make a payment via PayPal or a credit card* upon receipt; you could be paid before you’ve left their driveway! With payments you have to make, Xero helps you keep everything balanced and tracking bills allows you to choose the best time to pay without going overdue. Connect to multiple bank accounts too so your cash flow power is in your fingertips.

Accountancy Software also allows you to monitor your businesses performance


A Business Adviser

Whether you prefer Xero’s business performance dashboard or the reporting function, it’s great to get a tap on the shoulder once in a while and have a look at where the business has come from and where it’s heading to. We hope it reveals positives, such as an opportunity to improve terms with a supplier, but in the event of a dip in activities it’s useful to have an early alarm bell for you to discuss options with a professional and obtain some business help.

A Security Conscious Companion

With two step user-authentication, including smartphone fingerprint technology, your business data is safely padlocked into the cloud, but accessible when you want it. Data is stored in multiple locations, encrypted and backed up daily, plus Xero activity is tracked – just like your bank accounts are – and if any concerns are detected, a warning is issued. Data feeds from banks, financial institutions and software applications come direct making for a seamless information flow that is untouched by human hands.

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Xero cloud based accountancy software offers a wide range of hassle free features

We guarantee that utilising Xero accounting software will be advantageous to businesses of all sizes, it is user-friendly, even for the greatest of technophobes, and executing financial functions are made much easier for company owners and employees.

If you’re a forward-thinking business like Adams Moore, would like to work in a more effective way to save time and money, call us today on 01827 54944. Once you’ve tried Xero you’ll understand why it’s head and shoulders above other online bookkeeping and accountancy software.