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Accountants and Business Advisers in Tamworth

Through dedicated support, a forward-thinking attitude and a passion for business growth, our clients have the confidence and freedom to get on with their day-to-day without worrying about accountancy issues. As experienced accountants and business advisers, Adams Moore, aims to offer a service akin to having an in-house team to give clients peace of mind on all tax, regulatory and forecasting matters, whilst also offering a cost effective return. Based in Tamworth, north of Birmingham, we help local and country wide business achieve their business goals.

Based in Tamworth, the Adams Moore Accountants and Business Advisers are on hand to help you and your business.

The partners, accountants and support staff at Adams Moore don’t just work for clients in a formulaic manner, rather they are committed to working alongside businesses to achieve the highest of aspirations as one team. We offer practical business advice and help people to make informed decisions, believing in data-led growth, seizing opportunities in the marketplace and driving successful outcomes.

Most people start their businesses because they have recognised a solid proposition and they have the enterprise and commitment to see it through – we know, we’ve developed our own company over the years. We also know it can be difficult to run a firm in a competitive environment, so with our accountancy services and business advice you can be abreast of the full 360 picture, spot opportunities and rise to challenges.

Our Services

As established and recognised small business accountants and specialists in corporate accountancy, Adams Moore offers a variety of services:

> Forecasting and Planning – Predicting the Future to Help Secure Success

> Full service Board Support – Fixed Fee Assistance as an Alternative to In-house Team

> Year End Accounts – For Ltd Companies, Partnerships, Sole Traders and Individuals with Assets

> Start-up Business Advice – Helping New Business Owners Make Decisions Confidently

> Payroll – Outsourced Care of Employee Wages and Taxes

A Word from our Clients

"We can access all the advice we need, from the on-going strategic help to down to quick questions we need answering fast over the phone."

Richmond Broadway, Co-director, Broadway

"We have been on Adams Moore’s Board Support package for around five years and they’ve been a breath of fresh air, taking a very proactive role rather than the traditional accounting we had been used to which was generally reactive."

Andy Wassall, MD, Daytona

"We needed good, on-going forecasting and constant measurement and review of cash flow, successes and processes to ensure we were on track. Adams Moore provided this, and helped us with our expansion into a new geographical area."

Craig Ward, MD, Trident Environmental Services

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