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Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax Accountant

Starting from £300 plus VAT per return, our inhouse capital gains tax specialist accountant, will walk you through the necessary steps as seamlessly as possible.

The Process:

  • Get in touch with us if you are looking for a capital gains tax accountant
  • We will ask you to create a Capital Gains Tax on UK Property account via your personal government gateway. (We can complete this with you!)
  • Once we have authority for this account, that’s it! We can complete it for you and file with your consent!

Helping to take the stress out of your Capital Gains Tax Return

*If you have more than 1 property please let us know so that we can  provide you with a personalised quote

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Capital Gains Tax on Residential Property

When disposing of a property that is not your home, e.g. a buy-to-let property or inherited property which you went on to let out, you must declare this to HMRC through a Capital Gains Tax on Residential Property account within 60 days of sale.

Inherited properties potentially suffer inheritance tax when they are first inherited but will be subject to Capital Gains Tax when the property is later sold. If this has not been used as your main residence for the whole period of ownership this will need to be declared through the residential property account. 

You do not need to declare the capital gain or pay the tax when you sell your main home.

For more information about this or or any of our flexible accounting services, please click contact us.

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