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Empowering Independent Businesses: Adams Moore's Board Support

At Adams Moore, we understand the unique challenges that owner managed businesses face in today’s dynamic marketplace. To meet the demands of businesses that seek nothing less than excellence from their accountants and business advisors, we proudly present our top-selling service: Board Support. More than just an accountancy service, Board Support is our commitment to providing proactive, first-class support tailored to the specific needs of your business.

A Proactive Partnership: Your Success, Our Mission

Imagine having a Finance Director and a dedicated senior management team at your disposal, working in true partnership with your business. This is the essence of Board Support at Adams Moore. Your success is our mission, and our fixed fee structure encourages you to leverage our extensive business experience and contacts without hesitation.

What to Expect from Adams Moore’s Board Support

Thorough Health Check and Systems Evaluation

Our journey together begins with a comprehensive health check and systems evaluation of your business. We aim to understand your operations inside out, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Budgets & Forecasts

Strategic financial planning is the bedrock of a thriving business. We work with you to establish budgets and forecasts that align with your goals, providing a roadmap for sustainable growth.

Monthly Business Update

Stay informed with a monthly business update that goes beyond compliance checks. We review your bank, VAT, and sales and purchase ledger, ensuring your records are not only accurate but also up to date.

Quarterly Strategic Review

Every quarter, we conduct a strategic review, offering a deeper dive into your business’s performance. One of our Partners attend board meetings, providing actual versus budget commentary and invaluable strategic planning advice.

Annual Milestones

As the year unfolds, Adams Moore ensures that key milestones are met promptly:

Statutory accounts are finalised within 2 months of the year-end.

Tax liabilities are established within the same timeframe.

A comprehensive business plan for the next 12 months is crafted, setting the stage for continued success.

Ongoing Support: Beyond the Meetings

We understand that business doesn’t wait for scheduled meetings. That’s why we offer ongoing support that includes:

  • Unlimited Telephone Support: Reach out whenever you need assistance; we’re here for you
  • Additional Financial Reporting: Tailored reporting to meet your evolving needs
  • System Training and Advice: Stay ahead with the latest in financial systems and technology
  • Attendance at Key Business Meetings: Whether it’s with banks or funders, our team is by your side

The result: Elevate Your Business with Adams Moore’s Board Support

Adams Moore’s Board Support is more than a service; it’s a commitment to your success. By choosing Board Support, you’re not just getting an accountant; you’re gaining a dedicated partner invested in your growth. Experience the proactive, first-class support your independent business deserves – choose Adams Moore.