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I am a mortgage adviser with access to a wide range of mortgage lenders and insurers with a particular focus on assisting limited company directors and self-employed applicants.

For anyone self-employed, lenders are looking at the track record of the business performance, but for some lenders that can mean needing 2 or 3 years of figures and using an average, while there are other lenders who will proceed with only one year, or who might also be willing to proceed with only one year of figures, or use the latest year if business performance is improving.

Furthermore, some lenders will use the salary and dividends of a limited company director only, whereas others will consider the salary and profit before corporation tax. These variables of how income is assessed can have a significant impact on how much lenders are willing to offer.

Working with Adams Moore has been fantastic, nothing is ever too much trouble for the team and their proactive approach has really supported me and my business.

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